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Equibit Group: Capital Markets Meet Blockchain

CIO VendorChris Horlacher, President & CEO
The traditional IT security models rely heavily on centralized data warehouses. Such warehouses are protected by limiting full database access to a few individuals. The IT organizations, employing data warehouses, therefore have to hire professionals who can take charge of maintenance, monitoring, and security. Individuals that work in such security paradigm often fail to notice the advantages of blockchain-based models, as it opens up access to everybody. Although a blockchain-based security model may appear vulnerable through the prism of conventional methodologies, it is accompanied by strong encryption technologies that ensure that the security of the database isn't compromised. The entire security principle of blockchain is based on public key infrastructure, strong encryption, and compartmentalization, which makes it an immensely secure and viable option. Working along the same lines, Equibit Group, a Toronto-based company, offers blockchain-based securities to organizations operating in the capital market arena. In much the same way that currency and payments embraced Bitcoin applied digital technology; Equibit Group offers a decentralized application of blockchain technology, ruling out expensive infrastructure and third-party facilitation from depositories or transfer agents, and as a consequence connects issuers with investors directly. “The advantage of choosing a blockchain based model is the 256-bit encryption key, which makes it almost impossible to penetrate,” says Chris Horlacher, President and CEO, Equibit Group.

Equibit Group’s products and services offer out-of-the-box security options, which are accompanied by powerful encryption technology. What makes the product-suite even more appealing is its commercial viability. Reshaping security aspects of the industry and overhauling the conventional practices, Equibit Group's team of experts—early cryptocurrency adopters, developers, and engineers— add a different dimension to its services and solutions. Horlacher observes that most companies in the blockchain spectrum are merely building smart contracts instead of a full-blown blockchain model.

The advantage of choosing a blockchain based model is the 256-bit encryption key, which makes it almost impossible to penetrate

Although smart contracts have its own share of advantages, its inability of exclusive hosting puts a slew of crucial data at stake. The shortcomings of smart contracts propelled Equibit Group to design a security model that is built completely on blockchain that conforms to best-in-class security standards.

As blockchain moves out of the labs into the real world, the firm’s development team—enjoying stalwart status in their field, housing two Ph.D. holders and a pool of talented individuals—is at the forefront of some of the extraordinary innovations. Horlacher, too, had been working in the finance sector for more than a decade, which provides Equibity Group a vantage point view of the security paradigm in the capital market ecosystem. It is because of the perfect mix of experience and expertise that Equibit Group has been able to design cost-effective and profitable blockchain-based security models. The highlight of the firm's solution is that it can integrate with an existing security infrastructure, thereby eliminating the need for a complete makeover. Equibit Group's products and services have proved to be extremely fructuous for stock exchange trading companies that require a higher level of security protocols to ensure the safety of each trade.

In the forthcoming months, Equibit Group is about to launch two applications namely Equibit Core and Equibit Portfolio. While the Equibit Core application contains all the necessary software required to run a full node on the Equibit network, Equibit Portfolio, on the other hand, allows retail investors and issuers to transfer, buy, sell, authorize, and cancel securities. Both the applications, in totality, have the potential to benefit organizations operating in the finance ecosystem, especially in the realm of the capital market. In addition, Equibit Group is all set to foray into the stock market ecosystem as well, providing the much-needed security and resilience.