Top 10 Blockchain Companies - 2018

QBRICS, Inc.: Enterprise Blockchain Platform

Brennan Bennett, Co-Founder & COO, QBRICS, IncBrennan Bennett, Co-Founder & COO
Blockchain technology become a predominant topic in enterprise IT. The nascent technology is considered foundational because of its impact on changing how digital value is captured, stored, verified and secured. As companies dabble in this emerging technology, interest in enterprise blockchain adoption has catapulted, giving rise to a challenge: the daunting task of deciding on the best-suited fabric to adopt that is in line with both short-term business objectives and long-term business models.

Nucleuz®, the core technology of QBRICS, Inc., simplifies this decision-making process. It accelerates collaboration and workflow capabilities by allowing the enterprise the flexibility to adopt whichever flavor of blockchain protocol works best for a given use case without having plan for future integration with other protocols that may work best with other use cases. “We didn’t want to create another protocol, application, or Blockchain as a Service Solution for that matter. We see global adoption of blockchain technology in the enterprise space as a unique opportunity to contribute to the foundational nature of the technology itself. As such, any enterprise with QBRICS technology installed on their permissioned network can circumvent complex workflow integration roadblocks through our innovative platform model. We designed Nucleuz® to be a security layer in a permissioned blockchain stack and thus a non-invasive option to leverage a blockchain based suite of products which can substantially cut implementation costs, increase complex workflow efficiency and at the end of the day, drive new revenue opportunities,” says Brennan Bennett, Co-Founder and COO, QBRICS.

Leveraging the fundamental technology of blockchain (that which powers cryptocurrency) as a unique catalyst for positive innovation, the QBRICS enterprise blockchain platform provides a secure mechanism to exchange data. As a result, QBRICS enables enterprise and vendor blockchain databases to interact seamlessly, based on pre-established business agreements. The enterprise blockchain platform also provides a business intelligence suite to examine trend analysis and integrate with established enterprise BI tools, such as Hadoop and Tableau. QBRICS’ other services include analytics consulting and implementation strategy via custom POC development.

Nucleuz® enables organizations to promptly develop their internal business applications and build consortiums with internal and/ or external business units, such as vendors or even competitors. Any enterprise that deploys QBRICS technology can personalize data governance between any blockchain network, application or product through blockchain agnostic APIs. “These APIs interface with our subsystem and code-business logic and assist in building secure applications on top of a permissioned blockchain network,” adds Bennett. For sectors that require communication from devices onto a permissioned chain, like medical devices or IoT assets used for logistics, QBRICS can secure the data transfer back to the network with future proof, quantum-resistant encryption.

QBRICS overcomes the enterprise blockchain complications through an innovative platform model that can cut costs, increase efficiency and link systems together to drive new revenue

The company’s platform can be commissioned to stand up blockchain-based proof of concepts from inception to production. Alternatively, the core technology of QBRICS can be licensed and deployed either locally or via the cloud to an established enterprise blockchain stack as a protocol level security layer. In either situation, an enterprise investment into blockchain gains enormous flexibility with their investment in blockchain technology.

The QBRICS’ proprietary authentication scheme for encrypting data while in transmission from decentralized nodes is a true differentiator, which supports the company’s focus on securing the blockchain rather than leveraging blockchain to secure legacy systems. “The approach enables our team to deliver a high degree of innovation in the enterprise space by providing a unique combination of components and processes that facilitate chain agnostic data provenance,” adds Bennett. The components for encryption, data management, and access control differentiate their network architecture from other patented blockchain solutions that complement similar functionality.

In response to demand for a blockchain-based solution addressing more than just a rediness assessment for General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) compliance, QBRICS is gearing up to launch CAPLAN®, or Compliance Assurance Platform for Legal Audit and Notifications. Building upon the inherent immutability functionality of blockchain, CAPLAN® addresses critical requirements of internal responsibility coupled with external accountability enforced upon organizations collecting consumer data within the European Union. Built with the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) in mind, CAPLAN® delivers a quantified measurement of compliance readiness by aggregating policy offenses at each level of the organizational chart. This approach radically simplifies the identification of non-compliance issues for the Data Protection Officer who will have at his or her fingertips the completion rate of policy-driven tasks needed for end to end regulatory compliance. Utilizing blockchain analytics powered by Nucleuz®, CAPLAN® also enables the Data Protection Officer to assess the financial impact of positive and negative outcomes of internal readiness spot checks in preparation for actual regulatory audits. Impact assessments can then be traced through CAPLAN®’s audit trail capabilities and reported back to the Data Protection Officer, who will then can be proactive instead of reactive.

QBRICS’s initiative is poised for success and anticipates effective adoption for secured interoperability and data sharing, API and business storage structures, open authorization and access control on permissioned blockchains. QBRICS, Inc. is well positioned to making its constituent technology de facto technology for enterprises and the industry standard.