Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers - 2018

Soon after its introduction, Blockchain made a lot of buzz, grabbing the attention of enterprises and businesses with its innovative capabilities and features. Though the new technology was initially thought to be limited to cryptocurrencies, newer avenues such as controlling network communication, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and supply chains were soon discovered.

Essentially, Blockchain is an online ledger that simplifies transactions by taking away the ‘middle man’ from the equation and thus making the interaction more transparent and secure. This single platform fills all the vital roles of any business deal—from recording transactions and establishing identity to contracts— unlike other platforms that store every minute detail of the process on a centralized network.

The cryptography based technology allows no single authority for any document or file, and changes can only be made with the sanction of the constituting members. So if any error happens in the chain and one of the nodes in the network goes down, the system can still function.

Among these constantly evolving features in Blockchain Technology, organizations need to spearhead themselves to offer the best customer support and partner with the right solution provider. To assist you, our distinguished selection panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Enterprise Security magazine’s editorial board has selected a list of companies that exhibit innovative technologies and approaches in enterprise security.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in building solutions and services that can effectively yet economically account for inventive and intuitive Blockchain Technology offerings. In this edition of Enterprise Security magazine, we present to you “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers - 2018”.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Dispatch Labs Building an advanced Dapp platform that facilitates the utilization of any quantity of data
Equibit Group Equibit Group is a fintech company applying blockchain technology to establish the world's first peer-to-peer equity and debt marketplace
Kryptoblocks Provides Blockchain solution for both financial and non-financial sectors
Loyakk Loyakk provides enterprises a new way to enable secure and frictionless interactions with business partners with all the potency of blockchain built-in
QBRICS, Inc Enterprise blockchain based product suite that’s adaptable to any decentralized protocol
Rivetz Rivetz disrupts the cybersecurity system, seeking to create a decentralized network of devices
SophiaTX Equidato Technologies AG SophiaTX is an enterprise blockchain platform and marketplace for extending applications like ERP, CRM, and others, to bring innovation across all sector and industries
StreamSpace Offers an innovative platform and community that will link creative and independent filmmakers with audiences that seek out quality and edgier film experiences
ULedger The company provides IT infrastructure upgradation for customers by increasing levels of protection and trust in the regulated environment, via blockchain
Very A development company focused on blockchain, IoT, and machine learning across a variety of industries