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Top 10 Blockchain Solutions Companies - 2022

Like many innovations, blockchain started as the supporting technology for a specific disruptive product: Bitcoin. Now, blockchain’s popularity has expanded across the cloud, growing into a promising mitigation technology for cybersecurity at large.

In today’s digital age, information is being stored and shared online. Almost all businesses and organizations rely on digital means to conduct transactions and record history. This dependence on ever-evolving cloud storage technology and online data transfers has brought lapses in security protocols that regularly expose sensitive information to malicious actors. Therefore, finding a reliable cybersecurity protocol that can handle the always-changing way society deals with big data is vital.

Throughout 2021, $1.3 billion dollars were lost to exploits and hacks of DeFi protocols across fifty different hacks. For an industry that prides itself on greater protection and that is angling for legitimacy and adoption, this is not a great look. These exploits drain funds from the wallets of the users whose participation in the platform is essential to continued innovation across the DeFi ecosystem. Despite 2021’s losses, there is still an overall decline in the share of market capitalization lost to exploits in 2020.

But there’s more to meaningful security than just encryption. DeFi is powered by smart contracts, which, although extremely powerful and efficient, introduce completely new risks and attack vectors. When smart contract platforms secure tens of billions of dollars’ worth of digital assets, a byte-sized error in the code can cause massive financial losses.

Effective security is not an afterthought or a hurdle to be cleared once. It’s an ongoing process that must be woven into the core of a product. Routine auditing and post-deployment monitoring combine static off-chain and dynamic on-chain analysis. The result is a comprehensive, end-to-end security solution that provides meaningful protection for the entire lifecycle of a platform.

Blockchain should be known for its powerful security and evergreen potential, not for the hacks and exploits that tarnish its stature. Meaningful security practices must be as prevalent and adopted in crypto as HTTPS is on the Internet. Routine auditing, continuous real-time monitoring, and an ongoing commitment to security from both users and developers should be a non-negotiable as the ecosystem evolves. Then, and perhaps only then, will blockchain technology be free to reach its full potential.

We present to you, “Top 10 Blockchain Solutions Providers - 2022.”

    Top Blockchain Solutions Companies

  • CertiKstrives to establish this trust by securing the blockchain and smart contracts through the specific programs that run on top of the blockchain


  • OSE helps companies integrate blockchain into their existing infrastructure with open source ease. This plays a vital role in creating technology transformation at an unprecedented speed for businesses and extending the flexibility and agility of the existing infrastructures using proven principles of open source. Subsequently, record and identity management, transaction processing, goods provenance, and ledgers tracking and management become simple for clients. The company uses blockchain as a self-auditing protocol for gathering information. It taps into clients’ technology infrastructure, including AI engines that process, mine, and analyze the data, uses cryptology to identify objects and their components, and audits the transaction. More importantly, OSE brings transparency into clients’ organizations by eliminating the third-parties and middle personnel.


  • The ORE System is an integration engine for blockchain gaming. The company’s innovative model provides a complete ecosystem for the gamer, content creator, and game developer and brings the gaming community together by introducing the concept of NFT-blockchain integration. With the rise of blockchain and NFTs in gaming, Donarski and his team at ORE are creating an entirely new model centered around true asset ownership. ORE System provides gamers with the ability to tokenize their in-game assets and convert them into an NFT. For instance, if a player upgrades his armor through an in-game purchase, they can now tokenize the armor and convert it into an NFT.


  • Altoros


    Altoros is a strong consultancy and professional IT services provider that helps Global 2000 organizations to turn innovative technologies into products with a sustainable competitive advantage

  • Blockchain


    Blockchain Intelligence Group is a global technology company offering innovative search, analytics and risk-scoring technology solutions for the Cryptocurrency marketplace

  • Quantstamp


    Quantstamp is the leader in blockchain security. They are securing the financial infrastructure of tomorrow. The company has an intellectually stimulating work environment and team members who truly care for each other. In order to deliver high quality services to clients, their engineers have a direct communication style and respectfully challenge each other's ideas. Quantstamp team members are highly collaborative, which has allowed us to stay at the cutting-edge of blockchain technology.

  • Security Innovation

    Security Innovation

    Security Innovation is an authority on software security and helps organizations build and deploy more secure software. Global technology vendors and enterprise IT organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, FedEx, ING, Symantec, Coca-Cola and GE rely on our expertise to understand the security risks in their software systems and facilitate the software and process change necessary to mitigate them. Security Innovation specializes in software security, an area where traditional “information security” and “business” consultants tend to struggle.

  • Symbiont


    Symbiont is a leading technology company focused on solving complex global finance problems using a novel enterprise blockchain solution. An early pioneer of smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies, Symbiont’s Assembly™ blockchain is the first enterprise platform developed to remove operational friction from the life cycle of financial instruments, while enabling real-time data sharing with optimal security and privacy.

  • True Digital Dossier

    True Digital Dossier

    At TruDoss they believe in making information more valuable, liquid and enduring through investment in information immutably preserved. True Digital Dossier is a groundbreaking software information management platform for highly valued content secured by blockchain technology. The added blockchain function delivers a faster and less expensive way of organizing, sharing, and preserving essential information. Their blockchain technology is used for data security which gives users a means to verify information, detect disruptions and identify vulnerabilities.

  • Xage Security

    Xage Security

    At Xage Security they are Security and IoT experts who created security products and industrial automation solutions used by global 1,000 companies. Using their experience enabling high growth markets, they deliver the only truly decentralized platform for protecting the Industrial Internet of Things. Xage Security is an information technology company that offers blockchain-protected security platform for Industrial IoT.