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Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies - 2019

Blockchain has evolved from the esoteric underpinning of Bitcoin to a hyped-up technology that enterprises in every sector believe could have an enormous transformational effect. Considering its outstanding features, enterprise security solution providers are leveraging it to develop novel solutions to help organizations secure their valuable assets. Today, Blockchain has seeped into all spheres including banking, healthcare and beyond. On the other hand, with a significant impact, the technology created in the cybersecurity its future scope is further increasing. It has the capability to open up a more comprehensive range of options for secure engagement in the enterprise ecosystem. Major blockchain solution providers continue to keep their innovation labs engaged with advanced research and experiments to unlock its potential in the enterprise security space. Additionally, several companies are leveraging blockchain to secure their communication over chats, messaging apps, and social media. They hope to make it into a secure platform with the help of this technology and impenetrable to foreign attacks.

To help business providers in selecting promising blockchain solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering pioneering technology solutions in the blockchain industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

We present to you, “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Blockchain Solution Companies

  • Dispatch provides tools for entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop business solutions built for speed, scale, security with an emphasis on handling large amounts of data with integrity


  • The company’s blockchain based Prescription Abuse Greatly Reduced (P.A.G.R) Prescriptions aims render efficient drug monitoring and prescription procedures


  • Loyakk provides enterprises a new way to enable secure and frictionless interactions with business partners with all the potency of blockchain built-in


  • Offers an innovative platform and community that will link creative and independent filmmakers


  • Timicoin offers a revolutionary blockchain based ecosystem for seamless and secure interoperability of healthcare data across healthcare institutions


  • AlphaPoint


    Only technology provider in the security token and cryptocurrency space who offers software solutions for both primary issuance and secondary trading

  • BitGo


    Provides clients with security, compliance, and custodial solutions in the institutional cryptocurrency financial services space

  • Blocksafe


    Provides blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) to individuals and companies seeking to improve the quality of their IoT data security, storage, and management

  • Genesis Block

    Genesis Block

    Provides strategic business and regulatory advisory, financial services, and technology solutions to companies seeking to leverage blockchain technology in their core business and capital strategy

  • Harbor


    The Harbor platform, powered by its compliance protocol, is the first to ensure tokenized securities comply with existing securities laws on every trade